Hi, i’ve been a lot busy lately and i could not find time to work on my blog, so new updates here:

  • I’ve started working on ios apps using swift xcode and stuff
  • We had to take a break for game development after publishing 2 games on play store (search for Eyula) and now working on our mobile apps (3 app simultaneously) and we are busy, again

I want to write a bit basics of my Swift development journey, so enough talk here shall we begin?

Not a so bad language i guess

After working with C#, swift looked like a bit messy but it’s moving up in a good situation, i’ve been using Swift 4 and new to ios development but i feel in the long term it’s getting stronger

Define functions

Sometimes feel like python, sometimes javaScript and even TypeScript but let’s have a look at a sample code snippet for swift functions

func myFunc(number : Int) {

Now this is a void function. You can also see that we don’t have semicolons on lines

Another look at a non-void example:

func foo(num : Int) -> Int {
    return pow(num, 2)

Return staments just like in the other popular languages, so notice the -> statement, makes it a non-void function

Named parameters

For example if i want to call the above function i’d have to write:

foo(num : 49)

If i do not add the num then i shall get an error. But this is sick sometimes so to avoid invoking functions like this just define your function in this way:

func foo(_ num : Int) -> Int {
    return num * num

// call it here

And boom it should work good. There is this weird style of Swift but im getting used to it. I’ll write more about swift at my later posts. Thanks.