Git Matters a Lot

Dead simple, you don’t lose your files, you can track your progress, use milestones, open issues, review, etc. on Github. Github powers Git a lot. These are very important stuff. When I started using Git, I was committing big changes, then I realized that if possible, we gotta commit every time a file changes. I mean, if changes, add a commit like this:

git commit -m "change"

If you’re the only one use the repository, I accept that this usage seems like a waste of time, but if a big team uses this repository, committing every change helps others to understand your code more easily.

Pull Requests

Use on cli or Github’s website, does not matter. Opening a pull request is fairly easy, it should be, though. Using Travis to check your commits, discussing the commits/changes and all that fun stuff makes collaboration easier.

Github / hub cli

Did you hear about hub cli? It extends your git bash. Sometimes I don’t even need to go to Github’s site and do stuff. I can fork my repository, open pull-Requests from hub cli. Check it out here if you are a type of command line dude like me!

Master Git by Free E-book

Go to the original website You should see a book named Pro Git there. It’s free and you can find the V2 by clicking this link.